Our Mission

Tennessee Stands is a nonprofit social advocacy organization that serves to protect the individual liberties of all Tennesseans as stated in the Tennessee State Constitution and given to us by God.

We are citizens of Tennessee who demand that our governor, county executives, and legislature restrict their authority to only that which they are given by the Tennessee Constitution.

We Accomplish Our Mission In Three Ways...


We strive to educate all Tennesseans about the inalienable rights given to them by their Tennessee state constitution.


We won’t stand on the sidelines and watch our liberties be stripped away. We WILL take action and fight to defend our prescribed liberties.


To build a community of Tennesseans who will band together and Stand Strong against those who attempt to abolish our rights and liberties.



Look around you. We’ve lost our way.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that there is a price to be paid for apathy. Many believed the lie that America is too great to fail. And now, we are on the brink. But together, we can turn the tide and restore the patriotism of our youth.

One way to accomplish that goal is to remember who we are as a nation and relearn the traditions and guiding principles that made this nation the greatest symbol of liberty and prosperity in the history of the world.

We accomplish our education efforts by producing engaging video media, The Tennessee Stands Podcast (coming soon), live events around the state of Tennessee, and providing social commentary on relevant issues in our state.


Our Guiding Principles


Our rights come from God, not from government.
Government exists to secure those rights and only draws its legitimacy from our consent.


All government authority is constitutionally limited.
And as such, we have a duty (see Article I, § 2) to hold elected officials accountable to acting only within the limited authority they draw from our Constitution of the State of Tennessee.


Personal liberty is necessary to promote the common good.
All law is derived from natural law. We fiercely defend parental rights, medical freedom, liberty of conscience, the right to bear arms, and a free market.


One nation under God, indivisible.
Though diverse in cultural expression, we stand in unity on the time-tested ideals that make us American. We reject the divisive ideology of modern progressivism, Marxism, and the globalist agenda. We are the Volunteer State.


Citizens are responsible for self-government.
We each bear the burden of educating ourselves and standing up to all manner of oppression. Our nation and our great state will only endure because we sacrifice to preserve it.


We don’t sit. We don’t kneel. We stand.

Our efforts are calculated and strategic in working to defend our liberties here in the state of Tennessee as set forth by our guiding principles. If you look back through human history, you will learn that what you are willing to give away to a governing authority now, you will not get back, at least not without great conflict.

Our liberties are not up for negotiation. Whereas the Constitution of the State of Tennessee was drafted by the people and instituted for their peace, safety, and happiness, we do not give ground on the liberty therein granted. And if we must, we fight.

We defend our liberty by…

Litigation. We continue to build our legal fund to take legal action when necessary on behalf of citizens against oppressive and arbitrary power.

Legislation. We work with attorneys and legislators to draft public policy that will further secure our liberty per our guiding principles and uphold the integrity of our Constitution.

Lobbying. We track important bills during each legislative session and work with grassroots organizations across the state to promote the interests of liberty and limited government in the General Assembly.

Local Elections. County and school board elections matter! We are committed to helping local candidates who align with our guiding principles run effective campaigns across Tennessee through our Tennessee Stands PAC.


One of the core building blocks of any effective movement is the ability to create community.

We are working to connect like-minded groups across the state in order to collaborate more effectively and win on the issues that matter. Fragmented and disjointed groups lack momentum and have little influence. But bigger is not always better and grassroots organizations can be laser focused and have a great impact on key issues.

Our vision is to see groups across the state that align with our guiding principles come together in community in their respective counties and/or districts for the purpose of taking action on key issues when it matters. We aim to connect and engage these groups through effective communication, training, and events.

We build community by…

Live Events. We continue to travel the state hosting rallies, political engagements, home gatherings, and other social events to share the message of Tennessee Stands and provide connection for like-minded individuals in their communities.

District / County Cultivation. We are working to build local chapters across the state to connect and engage citizens with the work of Tennessee Stands. This is crucial for identifying and backing local candidates as part of our PAC (Political Action Committee) and taking action as citizens on key legislative efforts.

Grassroots Collaboration. Many hands make light work. There are so many groups across the state working on important issues like medical freedom, defending life, fixing public education and the list goes on. We aim to bring resources to make those voices effective in their mission.

Doing the work. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. Relationships are built and strengthened as we band together to secure the liberty we all enjoy and make our state stronger through action.